How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Color Blocking

I think of Color Blocking wearing any number of solid colors,
whatever the wearer feels comfortable wearing
and tying those colors together with your jewelry.

Blue tank - thrifted
White ankle jeans - Levi's
Handbag - thrifted

I paired my outfit with my

I made this necklace using these stunning old
Chinese Tibetan maple/caramel colored Agate beads
(spaced with 7 Kuchi coins and sterling silver metal disc beads
 that merge into one strand of turquoise ceramic cylinder beads
spaced with smaller sterling silver metal beads,
finishing with oval olive wood beads and closing with a lobster clasp.

Agate beads are beautifully formed over thousands of years.
Agate is like a rock that is created
when molten minerals filled up a cavity in a host rock.
They are semi-translucent.

Tibetan consider Agate beade to have
positive spiritual benefits with the ability to provide its bearer
with strength, courage & PEACE and calmness of the mind.
No gemstone is more creatively striped by nature than these type of Agate beads.

Also, made a pair of earrings out of the coins to match the necklace.

I know you are loving the handbag. It's thrifted from Buffalo Exchange.
It's snakeskin no brand name.
What does have a brand name is the Cuff
you see me wearing here.
MY PEACE of jewelry CUFFS
that have mantra sayings handstamped on the front.
I call them my Reminder cuffs to "practice" positive behavior.

Not every piece of jewelry has to scream "look at me!".
These are to remind oneself what you can do for yourself to be happy.

Practice CUFFs
Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins


  1. The necklace is beautiful and you are right... I am loving the handbag!
    I'm excited to read more!

    More Charming In Person

  2. Its a gorgeous necklace! glad i found you on EBEW!


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