Third Street Promenade - Artist Galore

I don't live far from Third Street Promenade.
If you have not been there, it's located in Santa Monica, California on "3rd Street".
The street is lined with boutiques and major shops and ends in a cul-de-sac,
which is the setting of high-end stores that I will NEVER step foot in
because for one can't afford the prices and
two it's ridiculous to pay such high prices,
when fashion can be achieved for much less.

Having completed my yoga class,
I met a girlfriend of mine on "The Promenade", as it's sometimes called.
The street is lined with "street performers".
Some have even appeared on America's Got Talent!
The ones I photographed here are a mix of the good and the BAD.
I got in a few of the shots.
Call me goofy but who cares, I blend right in.
Don't I?

He peformed Michael Jackson songs while blowing his horn

I wasn't performing, I was being measured at the Levi store for jeans.
I'm considered a "bold curve". Hmmm, I wonder why.

A cutie and sings well

 Could not understand a word they were singing

The guy levitated! Actually he was able to hold himself up with just his arms

Even with just one arm. He said it was a form of abdominal strength

This guy was pretty bad, but what I liked about him is he did not care.
He wanted to perform so he did.
He was singing the O'Jays and butchering the song;
wrong lyrics and tone deaf.

But he is following what my handstamped cuffs

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