MY PEACEs - Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces is similar to fitting together PEACEs of a puzzle -
fitting the right PEACEs together makes for a nice look.

Over the next few posts,
I am going to feature my single strand necklaces paired
with this multi-strand necklace that I recently made.
The multi-strand necklace consists of various chain links;
gold plated, brass and gun metal that are different sizes and lengths.

The single strand necklace featured today is this gold-plated
CHUNKY CHAIN LINK featuring a CRYSTAL wire wrapped.

In doing my research on, I found out
that different formations of CRYSTALS
may possibly 
have varied metaphysical and healing properties and lore meanings.

The use of crystals dates back as far as there are records of history itself. 
They were used in Biblical times, throughout Ancient Egypt, Rome and date to all ancient cultures.

The actual word crystal comes from a Greek word Crystallos,
 from “Krysos” meaning “ice cold”.

Crystal came from the period when the Earth was forming.
The heating and cooling of the planet formed
 the magnificent crystalline objects we have today.

CRYSTALS are considered to being superior for balancing energies; 
they are superior for healing 
on the physical, mental, and emotional planes. 
They also enhance creativity and service to humanity 
via spiritual and mystical pursuits.

Based on the shape and texture of a CRYSTAL, 
each offer different benefits.

I guess that is why I was drawn to buying them so many years ago.
I don't remember exactly where I purchased my CRYSTALS. 
But I was just drawn to them because of there rawness, purity and beauty.

Mine is similar to this CRYSTAL

This textured and shaped CRYSTAL
 is recognized by damage on their tips and sides,
and are often called "Empathic Warriors".
This is because they have been through their own battles
and coming out still alive, they have empathy for challenges and injury.
They are said to pass on their energy to help one get through challenges or injury.
They bring knowledge that beauty comes from within.
Excellent for heightening compassion for others,
and passing on healing without losing one's sense of self.

Chunky Chain Link with wire wrapped Crystal
wire wrap is antique/vintage bronze color
Crystal size:  2.5 inches (63.5 mm)
Chain length: 34 inches (.86 m)
Necklace length: 38 inches (.96 m)
Necklace weight: 6.7 oz

Two PEACEs combined

Chunky Chain Link with Crystal on Etsy


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