MY (new) PEACE of jewelry

It's been a while since I made something.
I am posing with the MY (new) PEACE of jewelry, which I made last week. Love it!
I can't get away from bib style necklaces. For some reason,
I like the number 3, so most of necklaces are three strands.
This one is no different. Except! All three strands are not the same.
Only 2 strands are the same.

Beads in the back are round white metal beads from Ethiopia
the two same strands are Brown striated Batik bone oval beads.
Strand in the middle is a thick brass Rolo link chain.

What is BATIK Bone? Batik Bone is one of several natural materials
that have been available in Africa.
Historically, bone beads may be made from any number of bone sources
 including ivory from different kinds of animal tusks or antlers.
Other natural materials similar to bone used to make beads
include horn, ostrich eggshells, marine
and freshwater seashells such as clams, and also coral.
Bone is unique among bead making materials
due to both its strength and because it can be
carved by hand and polished into many different
shapes and sizes and it's really light.
I don't know what these beads were carved from but it looks good.

Also, made drop earrings to match.

Batik Bone Necklace on Etsy

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