How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Red Pants

As I get older, I am getting more comfortable wearing
COLOR below the waist. Big butt and thighs will not stop I.
which I got on sale for $19 in the store.
 But! You can get them online too for the same price.
They are stretch denim (a good thing)
but ride low (a somewhat bad thing).
Because when you sit down or bend over,
there might be some crack action in the rear, if you know what I mean.
With this color, pairing red with white is a no brainer.
Keeping it simple on top,
I wore a v-neck t-shirt,
which is by chance
also from URBAN OUTFITTERS - BDG V-neck tee.
I have plenty of white-tees.
In fact recently purchased a few white tees from the GAP,
but they have a little pocket on one side of the chest
that does fit well with MY PEACE of jewelry.

Oh yeah! MY PEACE of jewelry.
 I paired my outfit with this necklace
that I made
using black seed beads
and mixed glass beads of various sizes, shapes and colors.

Can be purchased on Etsy

Sorry, bad photo - the necklace is not straight on my neck.
I take my own photos.

Sandals are Steve Madden - Bethanny

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins


  1. Great Outfit!
    I love the pants and the combination with the jewelry and jacket. Really really well done!!


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