Shoe Sale Alert!

Urban Outfitters is my store to shop. Usually, I go once every two weeks during my lunch break and head straight to the sales rack. Did it this Friday,  and scored two pairs of sandals that I had been wanting for 19 bucks each! I had been eyeing these sandals for a few weeks, but told myself "no!", I am not going to buy at full price of $49. I went there Friday, and they were on sale for $19 bucks! So I bought two pair. Wait and you shall receive.

Cooperative Double Buckle Sandal - Urban Outfitters

*Shirt and pants from Urban Outfitters too (purchased on sale).


  1. You look gorgeous!
    Dear please Vote for me on fashiolista contest- I'm on final! I'd appreciate it so much!
    MaryKapsi for TheFashionGuitar


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