My Mom, My Dedication, MY PEACE

Me & Mom

Considering a couple of days ago was Mother's Day,
leading up to it was tough for me
I lost my mom to cancer May 28, 2011.
So this was the first Mother's Day without her.
I know everyone says it about their mother,
but she was the most talented, caring,
strong woman that I will ever know.  
She loved me, brother and her husband ( our dad) very much.
And, she knew we loved her too.
We loved the beach. 
Santa Monica Pier 2009

She was a great woodworker
Had every tool imaginable in the garage

One of her many project, was this
Jewelry Armoire Box Stand Cabinet
with flip up top Door
7 pull-out drawers
 large swing-out storage drawers on each side to hang necklaces

outside of swing out storage drawers

inside of swing out storage drawers

Unfortunately I don't have photos of the final PEACE,
but you can tell from these pics she did a beautiful job.

Happy Mother's Day
9/19/1948 - 5/28/2011


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