How I Wear My Peace - LBD

Everyone has a LBD, meaning a little black dress. This is mine.
 When I wear a dress, this is my go to dress.
(*Please excuse the posing. I suck!)

The occasion was a birthday party at a friend's house 
on Coldwater Canyon Dr. in Beverly Hills. 
It was my first time to her house and I wanted to look nice.
When she said she lived on Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills,
I knew she lived in a really nice home
and I knew she was going to give an awesome party. 
Coldwater Canyon Dr. is where A LOT of the celebrities live.
If you want to spot a celebrity with their kids
go to the Coldwater Canyon Park on 
Mulholland Dr. in Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Here are some photos, which I did not take
but of some of the celebrities spotted at Coldwater Canyon Park

Gwen Stefani
Halle Berry

These are just two of the MANY celebrities
who spend their free time at Coldwater Canyon Park.
So, if you are in the neighborhood,
hang out by the swings; you might just see someone famous.
Back to my LBD and How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry.
As I was saying the dress is OLD.
I don't even remember where I bought it, but it is awesome.
It's an A-line cotton dress.
So very forgiving in the butt area when I gain or lose weight.
The shoes are new.
In fact I bought them specifically for the party.
I took my guy to the party, who happens to be the same height as me.
 For a woman, I am tall (5'10") so I wanted flats that did not have me towering over him.
So I bought these sandals from Steve Madden for $70.
Can be purchased in the store or online and come in many colors.
Sorry for the blurriness, and not being able to pose. Remember I am an amateur!
Black Rainbow Necklace
I made this necklace using a multi-tude of black seed beads and every color and shape bead that appealed to me and it pleasantly came together into one harmonious PEACE.

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins


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