I got to be honest, when I viewed these pictures, the only phrase going through my head was, "Thunder Thighs!, Thunder Thighs...Thunder..." You get the jist.

I've always had big legs and butt.
First reason is I was born this way;
Second reason being I've been an athlete ALL my life;
Third reason being I'm a part-time spinning instructor 5 days a week, who works out along with the class, and
Fourth reason is I like to eat and drink. 
I eat pretty healthy, but don't deprive when I want a hamburger, burrito, fries....

I don't want to be skinny but I would not mind losing 10 pounds. I watch what I eat; especially during the week. Being 46, I guess I have to cut myself some slack.

Anyway, I am getting off the subject of my post - How I Wear MY PEACE.

It's really starting to feel like Spring in Southern California. We've had the time change, the sun is out and the days are longer. I am inspired to wear color.
I purchased these jeans last week. On sale for $19!

With a necklace like
this I had to keep my accessories simple.
I bought this necklace
from Buffalo Exchange a while ago, not knowing what I
could wear with it.


I paired the necklace
with these earrings I made.
They're very simple
Turquoise oval shaped earrings.

Turquoise Earrings on Etsy

Then when I bought these pants last week, the necklace
popped to mind and I created this outfit.

I look forward to more warm Spring days.

Handmade Jewelry


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