Even though I love my STATEMENT NECKLACEs, it's hard for me to carry off wearing with my dressing style. I am pretty casual; usually jeans, boots or tennis shoes and t-shirt. But I have given myself the challenge to rock MY PEACE of jewelry. How can I ask others to wear MY PEACE of jewelry, when I won't wear it myself. A statement necklace can be paired with casual attire, such as I did here.

Camo Jacket - thrifted
3/4 sleeve t-shirt - Urban Outfitters
elastic waist flare denim jeans - Urban Outfitters
Chuck Taylor tennis shoes - thrifted

Believe it or not I wore this to work. On my lunch break, I took some photos of MY PEACE of jewelry. Mainly charm necklaces, which I have a few posted on Etsy and cuffs too.

Handmade Jewelry


  1. Hi, Just started following your blog. I make jewerly as well, using bamboo. Curious to know how you got the hole in the coin? Have some pennies that I have been butchering. Ha. Yo!

  2. Thanks so much for following. With regards to the hole in the coin, I did it with a stationary drill press. Something similar to this

    The key word is stationary. You can't safely drill a hole with a regular drill.

    Hope it helps.


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