How I Wear MY PEACE - Steppin Out!

Last week, I was able to see MY FAVORITE, FAVORITE singer
in the whole wide world.
Her name is Alice Russell. She's from England.
She sounds better than Amy Winehouse.
Yep! I said it. She sounds better!

She played at The Exchange in Downtown Los Angeles.

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles on Spring Street is Exchange LA.
Clubbing, going out, dancing your ass off or just taking in a performance this is a beautiful  place to do it; in a beautiful art deco historic building.
Built in 1929 and designed by architect Samuel E. Lunden, ground was broken on creating this wonderful building three days before Black Thursday when the stock market crashed, October 21st of 1929. The building was home to the Los Angeles Stock Exchange. It was considered the "Wall Street of the West. Final trading took place until 1986. And since that time, the building had remained largely unoccupied.

Exchange LA opened in 2009. The place is huge! 25,000 square feet,
with a 1,700-person-capacity, 4 levels and 40-foot-high ceilings. It has 12-foot bronze doors guarding the entrance, an amazingly high tech lighting system, a booming sound system, 40-foot tall hand-painted ceiling, stunning chandeliers, and 5 full service bars.

My friend and I stayed on the main level and went to only one bar,
where I ordered only one drink. I drank before I got there.


Now what did I wear? Hmmmm. This is what I wore
Kept it Simple.
Jumpsuit - J. Crew
Faux leather oxford shoes - Forever 21

The jumpsuit is pretty versatile. I can dress it up or down. I don't really have a dressier style than this. I am not keen on wearing heels to a club.
I'm 5'10" tall, wobbly on heels and love to dance without worrying about my feet hurting.
I wore MY PEACE of jewelry necklace.

2-strand African Trade Bead bib Necklace

Kind of cold out so I wore my cropped Levi jacket.
Used my over-the shoulder bag, which is just big enough for my wallet and keys.
Perfect size! I could dance and not worry about carrying big bulky purse.
I had a great time. Did not take my camera to the venue. Did not feel like carrying it.
But you get the picture how I was dancing based on this photo.
Handmade Jewelry


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