How I Wear MY PEACE Beachin...

Last weekend, I rode to the beach on my little trusty cruiser (seen here in the background). It was pretty cold. That is why you see me in the army jacket, boots and gloves. I took a few more shots, taking layer after layer off. But! I could not take off the gloves. It was too cold! Brrrrr....

Jacket - thrifted

Jeans - BCG, Urban Outfitters (on sale $7 bucks!)
Boots - Steve Madden

In trying to take my glasses off, they got caught in my hair. Ouch!
Sweater - Brandy & Melville

Rock Street Necklace
These are actual ROCKS that I found near my apartment. I loved their color, texture and shape so much, I thought they would be great featured. So, I wire wrapped and hung from these cool rustic African brass beads.

While at the beach, I took these shots of my CUFFS, which I handstamp positive mantras that I think everyone should REPEAT to oneself and practice what you preach in order to stay centered. Life is not easy, but you can train your mind to react with inner solitude.

Cuffs on Etsy
Practice staying rooted during turbulent times

Handmade Jewelry


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