DIY - MANNEQUIN in process

My mini - WO-MANNEQUIN. I just sold this one a few weeks ago on Etsy.

The mini is really nice to feature a necklace, such as these lovelies made by me.

mini-WO-MANNEQUIN featured above was the only one I made so far.
I am in the process of making another one right now. Even though I liked this one,
there was one thing that bothered me. It not having a neck. What little neck it does have,
is just not enough for my taste.
So this next one
I am making now will have a long neck.

When it comes to making a Mannequin,
you don't have to follow the form to the tee.
Be creative!
Add to or subtract from the piece based on what you desire.

The neck here is a little too long,
but I am in the process of making it,
so I will chop off some of the neck.
Sounds so gruesome.

Final photos of mini-WO-MANNEQUIN will be posted soon.



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