Cuff n' Card Give A-way! Raffle

Plain and simple, it makes me feel good to give. Sure I want to sell MY PEACEs, but I also want to give MY PEACEs. Especially my CUFFS because, the phrases on the CUFFS express what most people need to remind themselves. You are not alone in how you feel or what you feel. Knowing you are not alone, makes it easier to practice being kind to yourself and others. Here is my way pay it forward.

I am giving away this self handmade cuff with the phrase practice faith

What inspired me to stamp "practice faith" on the cuff was the need to remind myself, I must have faith in myself in order to do well in life, be confident and take risks.

To make this fun and get to know a little bit about who is entering this raffle:

Answer the questions below
(cut and paste the questions in the Comment section and answer)
Tell me what it means to you to "practice faith"

 I will write each participant's name on scraps of paper
and randomly pull the winner's name.

The deadline to enter is Sunday, March 18, 2012. I will announce the winner Tuesday, March 20th and mail the Cuff n' Card by the end of next week.
(Postage included, domestic shipment only)

1. House or apartment?

2. Beach or Mountains?

3. Rock or Jazz?

4. Harry Potter or Twilight?

5. Overeasy or Scrambled?

6. Tahiti or Hawaii?

7. French or German?

8. Fall or Spring?

9. American Idol or The Voice?

10. Faith or Hope?
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  1. Oh well. No one wanted a "practice faith" cuff. I will try again to give a-way a cuff. PEACE


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