MY PEACE - Cemetary & Boots

Last Saturday, I visited a cemetary in my neighborhood, called Woodlawn Cemetary. I did not start the day out expecting to go to a cemetary; it just happened that way.It sounds kind of creepy, but I was lured to it because it's so beautiful. My mother passed away less than a year ago. Since the funeral I have not visited her grave. I don't want to. It's not necessary for me to see a plaque in the ground in order to remember her. I think about her everyday and have my memories too. Anyway back to visiting the cemetary. I am drawn to beautiful setings. In this case, it just happens to be a cemetary. I drive by it all the time and have always wanted to view the headstones close up.

Started the day normal enough by riding my bike to the beach.

Had a glass of wine at the Waterfront Cafe in Venice 
(ok, maybe two glasses),

then rode onto Main Street, visiting my favorite thrift store,
Buffalo Exchange. Found these fabulous boots. Love them!

As for MY PEACE of JEWELRY worn.
I kept it simple with one of my hand stamped cuffs from my Cuff n' Card Collection

Woodlawn Cemetary is located in Santa Monica. It's an old school cemetery which, except for the palm tress, is a mid-European style graveyard with tall, beautiful headstones that has been around since 1897. Besides a few Hollywood stars being buried here, Woodlawn Cemetary is known for having become the final resting place for some of the emigres who had fled Nazi Germany.

There are a number of celebrities buried here that you might know. The actor who played Ingrid Bergman's husband, Dr. Peter Lindstrom in Casablanca,  Paul Henreid,

the woman who portrays "Granny" on The Beverly Hillbillies, Irene Ryan

the man who played the boyfried of That Girl, Ted Bessell

and the actor who played the town drunk "Otis" on The Andy Griffith Show

But probably the most famous actor is Glenn Ford.

While there, I did not search for their graves. I did not know they were buried there until I wrote this post. All this information, I found on the internet. I was not there to look for celebrity graves; I was there to see the beauty of the headstones.

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