Jewelry or clothes do not have to be expensive to be well made. I picked up these great link chains from a shop in the Alpine Village in Torrance. Alpine Village is known for their month long Oktoberfest. Besides that, there is NO ONE there except the regular old-timers eating their bratwurst and beer. Anyway, went there a few weeks ago, just browsing the shops and ran accross this old guy, who had a storefront, but did not use it as such. Instead, he stored EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING in this little tiny shop, i.e., paintings, clothes, furniture, jewelry; all piled up. The shop was so crammed with stuff you could not step two feet inside. So instead of selling from inside the store, the owner sets up a long table in front of the store and dumps jewelry into bowls for one to scour through. I found these for $10 dollars each. Nice heavy metal link chains.

MY PEACE of JEWELRY - handcraft jewelry


  1. yes, i so so agree with you... accessories, clothes or shoes doesn't really have to be that expensive to stay in fashion.. at times it depends on how we reinvent, style and combine things we wear and how we carry ourselves when we do it... nice jewelries and great outfit too!!! great blog!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!


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