Every person has a their aesthetic - what they find beautiful. In my case, one of my main inspirations is Tibetan jewelry, which shapes the look of MY PEACE of JEWELRY. Take for instance these beads.

I bought them about two years ago at a bead convention in Santa Monica. They were the last set of beads. I failed to find what were the beads called. They're just beautiful. Having no clue what I would make with the beads, I stored, until I was inspired to make something.

I made these necklaces (just recently making the two strand necklace).


They are my favorites. I posted my three-strand necklace on Etsy asking for $150. A potential buyer emailed me asking if I would consider selling for $120. I replied, it's my only necklace and I don't have enough beads to make a second one and I don't know where to get more beads, but, if I am able to secure more beads and make a second one, then I will sell the original to her at $120.

So my pursuit began to find out about these beads. I searched the internet and finally had a name for the beads - Tibetan Agate dZi beads.

Even without any knowledge of the bead, I am still drawn to the Tibetan aesthetic.

General tidbits:

- The beads are a form of volcanic rock, semi translucent and hard.

- They're considered to have positive spiritual benefits and date back to 3000BC and thought to be protective amulets and even ground up and used in traditional Tibetan medicine.

dZi is pronounce "zee"

The meaning of the Tibetan word "dzi" translates to "shine, brightness, clearness, splendor". In Chinese, the bead is called "heaven's bead" or "heaven's pearl"


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