How I would wear MY PEACE

Pretty simple look. BLACK & WHITE with MY PEACE of JEWELRY, which I just finished making. Will post more pics and info later. It's truly one of my favorites necklaces. Anyway, the outfit

Tunic - maxstudio
ankle length "legging" jeans - The Gap
croppped denim jacket - Levi's
two-strand bib necklace - MY PEACE of JEWELRY

I have to apologize for my photos. I take EVERY one by myself with a timer. Unfortunately, I don't have a remote control to click and shoot. I never said I was a fashionista or a natural in front of the camera but I always remind myself that just because you're not good at something does not mean you shouldn't do it.
Life is meant to be lived based on facing your fears. On that note I want to show some of the POSES that I am know are not my best.
        Balance-tightrope pose                 Riverdance pose                    Back-is-out pose

Tibetan Agate Bib Necklace


  1. That is a great necklace! Would be wonderful on a white shirt too!

  2. That is a great idea. Especially in the summer.


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