Thursday, December 1, 2011

My PJs

Bet you thought I was going to be wearing my pajamas...PJs, pajamas, get it? Bad joke. Anyway, PJs stand for patterned jeans. These are'nt your MOM's old fashioned jeans. They are "skinny" jeans, which makes them look fashionable. Living in Southern California,it's sunny most of the time. So these jeans are great to wear in the Fall, Winter, Summer or Spring. You just need to pair it with the appropriate t-shirt, blouse or sweater.
Jeans - BDG Grazer High Rise, Urban Outfitters Sweater - Brandy & Melville
Ankle boots - Cheap Monday, Urban Outfitters

Self handmade necklace. I found the rock in the streets,
wirewrapped it making a pendant, then hanging from African brass beads.


Floral Mesh Jeans $27.80 - Forever 21

Forever Free (paisley print) Jeans $54.50 - Billabong

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