Paisley - In or Out?

paisley blouse by eighty sixty
thrifted from Buffalo Exchange
I was not sure how to wear this blouse - IN or OUT. With my blog title you may have thought I was considering if the paisley pattern was IN or OUT, which did cross my mind. But I don't care if it's the trend or not. I buy clothes based on if I like them or not. There are a lot of styles currently in fashion that I just can't wear because of my big legs and butt. Anyway, I wore this to work yesterday and wasn't sure how to style it, so half the day I wore it in and half the day I wore it out.

I paired the blouse with my bright red suede pants
(purchased a long time ago from the Gap).

faux suede Ankle boots by Cheap Monday
Urban Outfiters

Also pairing my self handmade MY PEACE of JEWELRY necklace

What's really cool about this necklace is I found the rock outside of my apartment complex. I thought the coloring was spectacular and knew it would be perfect as a pendant. Considering I am not a gemologist, I knew I was not going to be able to drill a hole through the rock. So I had to figure out the next best thing to do, which was WIRE WRAP the stone to hang from these great African brass beads. It came out pretty good.

click here to view on Etsy

My Paisley Wish List

Vero Moda Paisley Print 70s Ruffle Front Blouse, $17.97
Photos via

Vero Moda Bird Print 70s Shift Dress, $26.96
Photo via

J.W. Anderson Silk Paisley Tee
$476.21 Photo via asos

Mina Paisley Print Dress, $55.71
Photo via
Antik Batik Long Sleeved Paisley Print Mini Ruffle Dress, $226.42
Photos via
A /Wear Paisley Cape Top, $53.91
Photos via
ASOS Polo Neck Dress with Paisley Print, $62.90
Photos via


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