MY PEACE of JEWELRY - Vacation - Portland,Ore/ Seattle, Washington

My mother passed away a few months ago. It's our first holiday season without her. She is truly missed by me, my father and son. We've ALWAYS been together during the holiday season. Every year we knew the holiday season was approaching soon  starting with my mother's birthday - September 19th, then my parents' wedding anniversary, Oct 10th, then my dad's birthday, Oct 20th, then lastly my birthday, Nov 26th; with Thanksgiving landing on, before or after my birthda. Considering it is the first holiday season without her, we (being myself, my father and brother) decided to travel "home" to Portland, Oregon for the holidays. I was born there and most of our immediately family still lives there.

My dad and brother arriving at my apartment

,picking me up

driving to LAX

arriving at the airport

Flying on Virgin America. Originally I was excited to fly Virgin America, having heard all the great things they offer. But, now having flown it, it's nothing special. No freebies :(

Arriving in Seattle

Ok, maybe not that excited,


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