Reality - MY PEACE

Today would have been my mom's 63rd birthday, but she died a few months ago from cancer. She fought long, well not too long (13 months), but she fought hard to live as long as possible. What her illness taught me is that you have no SAY on when you are going to die or how long you are going to live. If it's your time to go, then IT'S YOUR TIME TO GO. My mom, who was obviously my mother, who I respected, my idol, who I adored, my best friend, who I could shoot the sh*t, my motivator, who would pump my ego and my all around everything I held sacred was the bomb. I miss you much and I thank you for being my mother and MY PEACE! You passed on to me to be CREATIVE, WORK WITH MY HANDS, MAKE STUFF, LOVE TO MAKE STUFF, BE PHYSICAL, BE ORIGINAL, BE CURIOUS, BE HONEST,, BE YOURSELF, DON'T DISRESPECT YOURSELF AND DON'T BE A BULLSHITTER even though looking at other people's blogs, I feel fragile, weak, dorky and HUGE), but I am tryingo to challenge myself to be BE TRUE TO what I find attractive and not what other's find attractive. As my mother would say, someone will get you one day :). I had the perfect mom for ME, who saw me for the "perfect" PEACE I am. I love you mom and could not imagine having been anyone else's daughter.

In honor of your birthdate,
Your daughter, Zee


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