It's not uncommon for me to have my jewelry, camera and tripod with me because when I know I will get the urge to take some photographs, so I am MOST of the time prepared. I am passionate about living MY LIFE. I am not concerned about getting rich, getting married, getting a new job, getting a new car, getting famous, getting popular. I am not interested in GETTING anything because I know it's not going to MAKE me happy. This what I have learned on my journey during this life process.

The way I live my life is by creating, making, doing. If it's making a necklace, making earrings, sewing a skirt, making a mannequin, taking photographs. I have to be creating. I'm getting off the subject of this post.

Anyway, I was riding my bike from work to the beach with my bag of jewelry, camera and tripod. It was such a gorgeous evening, I stopped on the beach path and started taking photos. Here's what I got. I look pretty serious in my photos because I don't know how to SMILE when it comes to snapping a photo. I got to practice



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