How I would wear MY PEACE of JEWELRY

Everyone is so different when it comes to with what to wear their jewelry. I've had a few of MY PEACE of JEWELRY pieces purchased across the country. Unfortunately, it's only been a few times that I've seen how it's worn. MY PEACE of JEWELRY is not meant to be worn a particular way. I just want a buyer to love MY PEACE of JEWELRY as much as I do. I price it at an amount that I am okay with parting with it, knowing it's going to a someone who really likes it. I am going on another tanget. What this post is about is showcasing how I would wear MY PEACE of JEWELRY. I hope one to see how a customer would wear their piece.

My style of dress is jeans, t-shirt with boots, flip flops or low heeled shoes with a bohemian ethnic flair. The challenge for me is how do I merge my tomboy-style of dressing with MY PEACE of JEWELRY.

Today, at lunch I did a solo mini-photo shoot. What the hell! I give props to models. I have no idea how to pose my body. I am not the skinny chic with no ASS!

I think all these necklaces go perfect with my outfit.

Multi-Strand Black Beads & Green Turquoise Necklace

African & Navajo Inspired Multi-Strand Necklace


Olive Wood Bead Necklace


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