Window Shopping for MY PEACE of JEWELRY

After finishing MY PEACE of JEWELRY necklace, I realized I did not have any clothing to wear with it. Everyone has their own fashion sense, but I would like to be able to show how I envision the necklace to be worn. So! I decided to go to URBAN OUTFITTERS on my lunch break and scour the floor for an appropriate blouse, dress or t-shirt to buy - then photograph myself in the finished outfit. Now there was a little problem. Even though I found a couple of blouses, I can't afford to buy them until payday - September 1st. So instead, I bypassed buying the blouses and photographed myself in the URBAN OUTFITTERS changing room.


WEDNESDAY, August 24, 2011 - Farmer's Market

URBAN OUTFITTERS - white button-up blouse on sale $9.99.

URBAN OUTFITTERS - Tribal blouse on sale $29.99

Sold on Etsy


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