Sold! on Etsy WO-MANNEQUIN

It's really cool to know something I made with my own hands was bought via Etsy by someone living in another state. So far on Etsy, I've sold 35 items. The purchases have not been steady, so I still get really excited when I log onto my computer, check my emails and I have a message saying "Congratulations on your Etsy order..."! I have to read the email a few times to make sure it's a sale and not a bill. Once the initial high is over, then I start to worry, "Oh no, wonder if the person does not like it?" or "Will they be disappointed when they open the package?" I try to ease my worried mind by saying, "I've posted as many pics as possible, so the customer can see exactly what they are getting". But I still hold my breath.

This latest purchase was Monday, August 8, 2011. I sold my WO-MANNEQUIN - Head n' Torso to someone in Azle, Tx. I am not sure where that is but I did not know where King of Prussia, Pennsylvania was located but someone from there bought my WO-MANNEQUIN. Who knew!?! But people in cities I recognize have purchased MY PEACE of JEWELRY, like Toronto, Canada, to Paris, France. Yeah, Paris.


Pack it up all nice and tight

I'm off to the post office.

I hope she likes it.



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