Photo Studio & Session

I work full-time, work part-time as a spinning instructor and I make MY PEACE of JEWELRY. My days and nights are full, but I would not have it any other way. But it's hard to find time to photograph MY PEACE of JEWELRY. So I do it at lunchtime at work. I used to be pretty embarrassed, but how many people can say they carry a mannequin, jewelry and camera on a bike, ride to a beautiful spot and take photographs in a beautiful surroundings as the UCLA campus. I have had a few people come up to me and compliment MY PEACE of JEWELRY. No one's bought anything, which is okay. I did give a cuff to someone once.

Here are some photos from my last outing. As you can see from the first photo it did not start out too well, but my aim improved.

Finished the photo session,

packed it up, and

headed back to work. :(


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