Silver Saber Silky MY PEACE of NECKLACE

I have two of these pendants and incorporated each one in a necklace; one where it is featured and the other it's not. The pendant is sterling silver measuring approximately 2 inches long and 1 inch wide made in Tibet. Online, the bead is described as a Tibetan Brass Repoussee bead.

What is "Repoussee" you might ask? Well Repoussee is a metal working technique of embossing a metal sheet (silver, copper, brass) by punching and hammering a design from the back, then polishing it up in front with a chasing hammer, producing a three-dimensional base-relief surface. The techniques of repoussé dates back to the 3rd millenium BC in the Middle East.

Anyway, that is a little history of the featured pendant. Now here are some photos of the necklace I made. I call it my Silver Sabeer Silky MY PEACE of NECKLACE. I love this PEACE. Well, I love all MY PEACEs. Recently made this PEACE putting together many silver chains mixed with a few various different sized and colored link chains. It's really two necklaces that can be worn together to form one necklace or each on it's own.

The pendant, I put on it's own chain, which is called a Rollo chain. It features the Tibetan pendant hanging from a single strand sterling silver rollo link chain that latches in the back with a lobster claw.

Below are a few pics of MY PEACE of JEWELRY 2-in-1 Necklace as well as some pics of how I would wear them. I feel the necklace(s) can be worn with a great dress, business attire or with casual clothes.



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