MY PEACE got me a HUG!

What I love about jewelry is a PEACE can look different on each person. The other day I was taking photographs of MY PEACEs during my lunch break at work. These kids, (they were actually teenagers, but kids to me) were skateboarding in the area. I had my tripod set up and was taking pics of my hand stamp cuffs. Here are some photos.

While I was taking the photos one of the guys came over and asked what was I doing. I told him that I make jewelry and sell it on Etsy. He said "Awww that's cool!". He started looking at my cuffs and said that he really liked them and asked how much did they cost. I told him $15 each, wherein he replied, "I only have $10." I was astounded! I asked him, "You want to buy one?!?" He said he wanted to buy and give to a friend. I thought that was really cool. Anyway, I was so flattered, I asked him if he would take a few pics wearing a cuff. He did. Here are the photos.

After taking the photos (took maybe two minutes), I gave him a cuff. He was so sweet, and said "You are giving me a cuff?!?" I said "sure, I want you to have it." That's when he gave me a big hug and rode off on his skateboard. I felt really good.

What a nice way to connect with someone for a brief moment.

Oh yeah! While I was taking pics an actor that I recognized but did not know his name nor knew which show he is on was walking with a friend and sat behind me on the stairs. Some guy came up to him and said "Man, I really like your show." I still did not know who he was. Anyway, unbeknownst to me he ended up being in one of my photos.

Right behind me over my left shoulder.

It was Mark Valley, who plays the main character Christopher Chance on Human Target.

He's cute!


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