My Camera broke :(

Damn! My camera broke. I have not been able to take any pics of my latest PEACEs. My camera was pretty old. It was - oh wait a minute I still have it - is a Canon PowerShot G2 (see above. this is not the actual camera, just a stock photo). I went to the camera store Monday to see if I could get it fixed. The guy took one look at and said that it had been dropped. I thought "ok, it's been dropped. Can you fix it? He looked at me, looked at the camera, looked back at me and said "No". They don't make parts for the camera anymore and besides it would cost over $200 to fix, if the parts were found, which is more than the camera's worth. My camera is so old. How old is it? The camera guy said that Canon has put out a PowerShot G11 (see below)! Oh well. I got a lot of use out of it. It was a gift from a really cool couple who takes my spinning class.

The cost for the Canon PowerShot G11 $450 - $600. Ouch! I don't have that kind of money to spend.

So I asked the camera guy what can I buy that is comparable. He showed me a Canon S90 (see below) Cost $312 - $350. I thought that was still too much. So I said thank you and took my broke-ass camera with me back to work. When I returned to work, I immediately started searching online for cameras. I can't be without a camera for too long. Besides photographing my PEACEs, I am going on vacation soon and got to be able to take some fabulous pics. I search online for about 3 hours for cameras comparable to mine but was around $200 bucks. It's a Canon PowerShot SX120IS. I am so excited. I just checked tracking and it should be here by tomorrow. Anyway, it has all the basic features of a manual camera.



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