PEACE I'd wear...

I really do design with ME in mind in order to have the PEACE of mind with the finished PEACE. Therefore, I am going to show how I would wear my PEACE. For you, it may be different how you'd wear the PEACE. When someone does buy my necklaces, it really gives me a thrill.

I like combining different textured beads to make a harmmonious PEACE of JEWELRY. In this case, the necklace features a sterling silver Tibetan Oval Pendant hanging from a multitude of antiqued brass link chains and two strands of oval brass beads spaced with dangling silver bell beads that don't make noise.

Below, I combined my necklace (that I made) with a gold-plated strand necklace, just to give it a little more meat. The necklace can be worn with jeans and t-shirt, like I am doing here or with a really nice simple dress. When it comes to statement necklaces, it's all about the neckline.



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