Friday, September 17, 2010

Orignial, Redesign, Redo, Redid

Redesign, Redo, Redid. It does not matter what you call it but this particular PEACE, I've redone 4 TIMES! I spend A LOT of hours on this PEACE. I knew what I wanted and I was not going settle for anything less. Above is the PEACE, I originally made. I really did like it. But the problem was the link chain. It's gold-plated link chain. With gold-plated link chain, the ultra-thin layer of real gold wears off leaving a discoloration in various spots of the PEACE; making it not very attractive and cheap looking. Eventually the link chain will tarnish to a black looking color. Don't get me wrong, I like the tarnish (or more fashionable word is oxidized) look,
but not tarnished in spots.
So to combat the gold-plated link chain, I went with another type of link chain
It's an antiqued brass finish. I don't like it. The chain size is too, too, too small.
The PEACE just seems off. I wanted the necklace to be a striking PEACE.
Here, it just looks blah. I actually posted it on Etsy to sell.
After a few days I took it down because I did not feel right
selling something that I did not like.
Antiqued Brass round cable chain 2.6X3.9mm

Aluminum Curb open link chain 7X10mm - Antiqued Gold

The next revision is with aluminum link chain. I bought the chain off of Etsy. I figured it would be the perfect chain for MY PEACE. The chain looked real and was very cost ATTRACTIVE. But! But, the minute I got it I did not like it. it did not feel like metal. Metal has weight, texture and girth. This aluminum chain was very light and plasticky. I tried using it anyway. I got this description for the aluminum link chain from the web - "the lightweight aluminum material is strong and durable, and will not tarnish. Links open and close easily with needle-nose pliers, eliminating cutting and wasted material." Whatever the description, I did not like it. I most likely will never use it again. Here are some pics below.



Antiqued finish brass metal rolo/belcher link chain
This time I used a very substantial chain. I really like it. It has weight and size and the chunkiness I wanted to give MY PEACE.


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