Layering necklaces. I am not sure if it's the new trend but I've been seeing it a lot lately and I want to do my version with MY PEACEs. There are videos and blogs on how to layer necklaces. Just go to YouTube or and type in layering necklaces and you will get all kinds of videos. Anyway, here is another PEACE that I made to stand alone BUT I feel can be layered with various types of link chains to give it a whole new look.


I added a few Antiqued brass link chains.

I like it better with the chains.

The PEACE has an extension chain for you to determine what length to wear.

The longer I have a PEACE, the more I am thinking about it and how I can improve on it. So!
I thought why not consider options on how to wear this MY PEACE of JEWELRY?!? I ordered these inexpensive link chains (ok cheap! so cheap in fact the brass plating is already wearing off,). Anyway here what it looks like with a double strand link chain. I created the double strand adding a lobster clasp in the back.

What do you think? The PEACE looks cool to me. It little more edgy.

Here is me below wearing it with my unmatched ensemble.
(Did I spell ensemble right?)

Sorry for the cut-off photo but I was taking these during my lunch break.



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