When you don't like it, then re-do IT!

This is the original PEACE that I made a few years back.
A 4-strand opaque black seed bead necklace with various glass and African Trade beads with Turqoise teardrop beads featuring a Turquoise disc pendant.

I still have it because no one has bought it. Even though I like it, I never did LOVE IT! It looks sloppy - not a intentional, chic, kind of sloppy. But just sloppy. The necklace did not lay right on the chest, and I place the Turquoise teardrop beads in wierd places and I did not properly space the strands. I wanted to re-do it but moved on to the next PEACE because I felt someone would buy it. Guess what? No one bought it. Hell, no one has bought most of my necklace PEACES, but I will continue to make them because I LOVE MY PEACEs and I LOVE MAKING MY PEACEs. Anyway, in this case I decided to revamp, redo, reinvent the PEACE. At first, I was just going to restring it and keep it the same. But after taking it apart and revamping it, I made this PEACE and I LOVE IT! It lays perfectly, it can be worn casual, or dress, it's simple but colorful. I could go on but I won't. This PEACE will be placed on Etsy. Let's hope someone loves it as much as I do. MY PEACE of JEWELRY at www.zeedubya.etsy.com.


  1. I'm gonna check your Peaces out. I like your use of colors.
    Stop by both my blogs.


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