How to Wear a Chunky Necklace

Here's the deal, I have not sold one of my statement PEACE necklaces on Etsy. Hell, I think I only sold one at all. I love them all and I am not going easily part with them. Is it the price, the style, the times that are preventing them from being purchased?

Anyway, I was browsing thru Lucky Magazine and it had this article called "how to wear necklaces if you're busty". The busty model was wearing chunky necklaces!

It got me to think if I am correctly marketing my chunky necklaces. Guess what? I don't wear them! Because I think they are so speacial and should be worn on special occasions. But that is wrong. My necklaces can be worn everyday with a pair of jeans and t-shirt or with a really hot fancy dress. Either way it's doable. I think what one needs to keep in mind is keep it simple as in K.I.S.S. - keep it simple sweetheart. Keep your clothing simple with solid colors and minimize other jewelry.


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