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I just added a new PEACE on Etsy. It's pretty simple. I hung a Nigerian brass bell bead and brass disc bead from a leather cord. I can see anyone wearing this everyday like a it's part of one's everyday attire, forget-about-it type of an item. It's not a statement PEACE - it's a subtle PEACE. Not every PEACE of jewelry has to scream "Look at me!!!!!!". Anyway, see below for a little background on the brass bell.
If you wish to purchase go to MY PEACE of JEWELRY @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/zeedubya

Nigerian Brass Bell Beads -
Is a very commonly made, recognizable and distinguished bead. Inside the beads is a "clapper", which is a tiny bead that makes a little jingle noise when it hits against the brass metal.
Obviously the beads come from African. I mean, where else is Nigeria? In Michigan? No! Anyway, the brass bells have been made since the 19th Century. They can be traced back to the Yoruba tribe, who are located in the southwest part of Nigeria. In scouring the internet, I have come to discover that the REALLY old brass beads are very EXPENSIVE. For instance the ones below is a cluster that cost about $230. I can't afford them. I bought mine at Ritual Adornment in Santa Monica, CA. Mine is obviously not as old as the ones pictured below.

There are various versions of the beads. Like the ones below. These have a long stem.

In scouring the internet, I found some really unique necklaces with these brass bells.

African Yoruba Necklace from Tribal Muse (http://www.tribalmuse.com/)

African Brass Bell Necklace from Jewelry with Soul (http://www.xogallery.com). I love this lady's jewelry. It's so beautiful. You should check it out.



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