Mannequin made out of paper mache - RESULTS

I display my necklaces on long neck torso mannequins, that I bought from Mannequin House. They are really cool wrapped in burlap twine. I get more compliments on the damn mannequins than my necklaces, so I said I want to make mannequins that have the same shape but not as "pretty". Then I had another thought - why not try and sell them too. The question of the day, was how do you make these mannequins. You can find anything online. I searched on line and voila, I found instuctions on someone else's blog.

Used paper bags and wallpaper paste to create the lovely mannequin. Here it is. It was really easy! It's a woman's torso with the following measurements: 15.5" Length x 9.25" Width and 25.25" Height.


  1. I love your work. I have been inspired to give this a try! The possibilities are endless! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely go for it. Not a lot of money goes into making the mannequins, but a lot of time.


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