UPDATE a/o May 2012

Because I love to work with my hands and create a variety of things.
I thought I could make my own mannequins.
 I used the paper mache' technique to make my mine.

See below for step by step on how to make
Materials: Grocery bags, wallpaper paste and tape.
Tools required: brush, box cutter, plastic wrap

Grocery bags

Bags from my local store
Wallpaper paste (premixed) purchased from hardware store
Boxcutter purchased from hardware store
Method: Papier-mâché technique

What is Papier-mâché?
It's French for chewed-up paper due to it's appearance.
In this case, torn-up appearance.
I used a main mannequin as the frame to create
Plastic wrap

 Yes, the same plastic wrap to
wrap your left overs
I wrap the original mannequin in plastic wrap
to avoid it getting wet or sliced.
Plastic wrap clings to itself without an adhesive,
thus can remain tight around the mannequin.

Then, I shred the paper into strips, like so

I brush the paper strips with the wallpaper paste

After brushing the paper strip with wallpaper paste,
I place the strips onto the plastic wrapped mannequin frame, like so.

Here is one of MY PEACE of JEWELRY mannequins
as seen below almost done.
I let it sit, allowing it to dry
and become hardened. for about 24 hours.
Once it's hardened, I will cut the mannequin in the back, using the box cutters
in order to remove from the frame
You gotta be careful not to cut the mannequin inside.
Remove the hardened mannequin from the frame

You must cut a "T" in the back, in order to minimize the tearing,
ripping or breaking of the mold.
After you take it off, then it must be paper mache'd some more.
One is to close up the cut in the back, then three or four layers to make it sturdy. 
First, I paper mache' over the cut part,
cover the bottom and paper mache'
the bottom to the torso and voila!
You got your own WO-MANNEQUIN.
Here are the steps below via photos only. I am tired of writing.

This was my first WO-MANNEQUIN that I made in 2010.
Since then, I have made several, which I've sold on Etsy.
If you care to purchase one of my mannequins go to my shop on Etsy at


13" Length x 9" Width x 11" Height

15.5" Length x 9.25" Width x 25.25" Height
Bust - 33", Waist - 23", Hips - 33"


15.5" Length x 9.25" Width x 28" Height


MY PEACE of jewelry - Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins


  1. WOW. You are amzing. I love this entire process.

  2. A Huge,Huge thank you for sharing this .I so, so love this!!!:))

  3. Very nice job!!! I'm going to try this...thanks for sharing!!

  4. Just finished mine and I LOVE her...thanks again for sharing!!!!

  5. What an informative explanation on your manniquins. Your work is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with us all. bye for now and Happy Crafting (and beading)

  6. I love your jewelry and your mannequins, excuse me, wo-mmequins! Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

    1. No problem. It just takes a little patience to make your own WO-MANNEQUIN. :0

  7. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing, I am inspired to try this myself. I love the natural, recycled look!

  8. Your WO-MANNEQUIN's are wonderful! I love the natural, recycled look. I just may give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  9. These are awesome! Beautiful work!

  10. I love it! Splendind idea! I was about to buy few mannequins but actually I could use the one I have just bought to multiply it... I was looking for ways of dispaling my jewellery. Thanks a lot!

  11. What an amazing idea. Thank you so much for sharing your very creative design technique.

  12. I ran across a link to this tutorial on Pinterest, and it is a really cool concept. I won't have the plastic mannequin you used in your tutorial, but I think I'll try using my own torso for the cast. Thanks for sharing this really cool technique!

    1. Thank you. As for the mannequin, it's not plastic, but I wrap my original mannequin in plastic wrap in order not to ruin it. At this point my original mannequin IS ruined because I've used it so much and I have dropped them and crushed a little bit. Good luck!

  13. Great photos & tutorial for an INGENIOUS idea! Very well done.

  14. Fabulous! Adore your mannequins! And your jewelry. You go girl!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the positive feedback.

  15. What do you suggest using if you can not afford a mannequin form? These are gorgeous. I have a huge jewelry show in two weeks and would love to use these!

    1. Hi Sarah: That's a really good question. You can use anything that catches your eye. Maybe you have something lying around the house that has a shape that you think would display your jewelry in a beautiful way, then you can use that as your base. I would suggest start with something small, but not too small, and has round edges. Also may use newspaper to creat your form. Literally wet the paper, mold it into shape with some paste, then use tape to maintain the form, wait for it to dry, then you have your base to create more mannequins. I hope this helps.

  16. I love your technique that uses a base mannequin as a mould. Lovely!

  17. I love these handmade forms! Thank you for sharing your process. Do you find that they are sturdy enough? Do you think it would help to weigh them at the bottom somehow or do they stand pretty well on their own? Thanks agaiN!

    1. Thanks so much! They are very sturdy. You just have to make sure you have a wide base, enough layers and let it dry! You can weigh the bottom, but it is not necessary if you have a wide enough base. It's very strong on it's own.

    2. grande atraverso il suo ho costruito altre ma differentemente! e solido e se metti resina si può anche bagnare! brava grazie mile!

  18. This is a lovely art presentation, I'm proud of your professionalism! They seem to be very sturdy. What can you say? This is a great information for my college paper. Thank you!

  19. These are great. Is the brown bag necessary, or could newspaper work equally well in terms of holding-up?

  20. Kudos from a fellow artist!


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