I sold something!

I really do love making jewelry. I mean I am single (meaning I can pass the time at home doing something other than watching TV), have a full time job that is not the most creative (it's not about creativity at all but it pays the bills), and it provides personal opportunities. As I said before, I never aggressively pursued selling my jewelry. Besides a friend selling some jewelry of mine at Fox, I've only sold a PEACE here and there. Now! I have decided to aggressively put my stuff out there. What do I do? Put it on Etsy. You ask what is Etsy? Etsy is a website that allows people like me, who make handmade stuff, to post online their items in a virtual online boutique. A seller can refer potential buyers to his/her shop online. My "website address" is www.etsy.com/shop/Zeedubya. What I like about the site is you can include online payment transation in one easy click of a button and you don't have to build your own website. Anyway, I posted about 18 items - some high end PEACES, $60-$80 and low-end $15-$25. I must admit there are THOUSANDS, THOUSANDS (did I say THOUSANDS?) of jewelry designers selling on Etsy. So if you sell something, then whoopee!

I "opened" my "shop" on Wednesday, Dec 9, 2009. I started checking every few hours if anyone viewed my stuff. There was 6 views on a necklace, 2 views on a pair of earrings, 4 views on another necklace...You get the picture. After two days, I figured I am not going to sell anything :(
But I came into work on Friday and opened my e-mail and there was an email from Etsy announcing 3 items had been purchased (all by the same person). I was so excited! It was cool to have someone you don't know buy your stuff. I just mailed the items off yesterday.

Now, this is where my head is now. I HOPE SHE LIKES THE ITEMS THAT SHE PURCHASED. I am scared. Anyway, here are the items. I will let you know what she thinks, when she post a review.


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